Volunteer Information

Guidelines For Volunteering

We are so glad you want to volunteer with us! We can do so much more together. We work together as a team to feed, care, and minister to God's precious people experiencing homelessness. 

We ask that all volunteers to be compassionate and respectful to our friends experiencing homelessness. All volunteers must sign a waiver prior to volunteering. 

Please greet everyone with a smile, address them by their name (everyone should get a name tag), and spread kindness like confetti. We want them to feel welcomed, loved, and cared for. We want to build a community around them. We want them to know that they matter and we support them. 

We also ask that all volunteers wear masks and follow all CDC guidelines. 

Please wear gloves when handling food. We love to pour out our love through delicious hot food, hydrating drinks, savory snacks for later, and necessary hygiene products. We want their cups (in this case bags) to overflow!

Please do not photograph or video the people we serve without their consent.

This is a family environment so there are no age requirements. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, religions, and experiences.

You do not have to bring anything or be anything - JUST COME!


We will give you a name tag, gloves, a mask, and get you plugged in


Sunday Set Up :

Before serving :

You do not need to bring anything. We recommend leaving purses, phones, personal items, etc in your locked vehicle. 

Serving :

The leadership team will signal the volunteers when we can start serving. We want the food line to be an easy process for everyone involved. We will provide the necessary plates, cups, forks, and serving utensils. Please greet everyone with a warm smile, offer them choices, and address them by name. We encourage volunteers to be kind, friendly, and talk to our friends experiencing homelessness. 

The first person in the line is a greeter with name tags, followed by hand sanitizer, and someone offering bags. Everyone gets a bag to keep their things and throw away their trash. 

Star organizes the clothing and shoe donations. We like to organize the clothes so our friends can pick out what they would like to take with them. 

We want to leave the area better than when we arrived. Please help us clean as we serve. 

Finishing Up :

It takes us about an hour to serve the majority of the people. Lancaster is a very busy street so we prepare the rest of the food in to go plates and foil wrap, because people come even as we are driving away. 

We close in prayer after we finish feeding, cutting hair, and cleaning up. 

We do not like to waste any food. If we have food left over then we will donate it to Funky Town Fridge. Volunteers can eat and enjoy the food, drinks, and snacks as well. 

Keep in mind :

Please consider that many of our friends experiencing homelessness suffer from mental illness and addictions before volunteering.  The people we serve are typically very grateful but sometimes they have bad days. This is not to say that it is dangerous to serve but please be mindful and contact the leadership team to intervene if you do not feel comfortable. We want everyone on both sides of the table to feel safe and welcomed. This is a very sad and heart breaking reality of the people we serve. Join us in praying for breakthrough, for lives to be changed, and true repentance.

Some Of Our Volunteers 

We are so thankful for our leadership team that puts in hours of work on and off Lancaster. They have been serving with UTB and have a heart for the people we serve. Please see them if you have any questions while serving.